Educational Mission

Tree Sloth Camps is committed to educating its campers in practical hands-on skills, arts-and-crafts, environmental science, sustainable living, and history in an experiential format. One or more chaperones for each camp is an experienced middle and/or high school teacher. A science teacher attends and interprets at every camp, and campers attend the NPS Junior Ranger programs during camps that intersect with national parks. Topics and skills that are included in every camp are:


  • Hands-on design crafting, including metal and leather stamping

  • Outdoor education:

    • Physical education that varies per camp--always includes volleyball rules and coaching (some camps include ropes courses, rock climbing, bike riding, swimming)

    • Survival skills (wilderness navigation, campfire safety and management, shelter building, ocean safety)

    • Wildlife education (varies by camp, all camps include bear safety)

    • Outdoor cooking and culinary skills

  • History

    • Campers attend ranger programs and visitor centers, and chaperones are knowledgeable about the history of the areas the camps visit.

  • Social Emotional Learning

    • Community building and living within a community are primary learning goals for every camp. Campers are held to high expectations around honoring each others' differences, needs, and viewpoints as they travel and live together during camp. Campers are expected to uphold an environment that is not only emotionally safe for all campers, but is also fun and enriching.